Post-Quarantine: When will this be over?


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at the Web 2.0 Summit / JD Lasica / Creative Commons / CC BY 2.0

Gov. Gavin Newsom describes California’s plan to re-open the economy.

The world’s recovery process after this pandemic will take a while to return to normal, but how long will that be? 

Governor Gavin Newsom has made several public announcements to kickstart California’s recovery process, illustrating the plan to re-open the economy. While the re-opening of businesses and other services is beneficial to the economy, it also presents a severe risk to the number of coronavirus cases. Newsom plans to open the economy throughout several stages, but with each step offers a higher risk.

Like many others, I want nothing more for the shelter in place to be over, but it is also important to lift the stay at home order only when it is safe to do so. Lifting restrictions on businesses and social gatherings could lead to another wave of cases, causing the quarantine to go on for several more months. Of course, it is also important to obey the current stay at home orders to reduce the number of cases and, in turn, help lift the shelter in place earlier. 

Everyone anticipates returning to school, but some say that there will be a second wave of new cases in the fall and winter, as people become more prone to sickness with the cooling weather. So, social and business restrictions may be lifted over the summer, but also can be reinstated in the late fall and early winter.

While this pandemic may not last forever, it does have the potential to last a while before a vaccine is discovered or the number of cases dies way down.

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