‘Purpose’ saved by backing tracks

Bieber is the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album reach Billboards Top 100 list.

Island Records / Wikipedia

Bieber is the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album reach Billboard’s Top 100 list.

Kiera Pendleton-White, Staff Writer

The most recent album released by pop icon Justin Bieber fell completely flat.

All the songs on this album seem to be created with the same formula: repetition, airy vocals, good backing tracks, and an echo effect.

Despite having the same formula, the album had a surprising variety of songs, from slower songs like “Purpose” to more upbeat songs like “What Do You Mean?”

The lyrics to all the songs seemed to be trying to talk about deeper topics, yet they became shallow with the overuse of repetition.

In “Sorry,” Bieber talked about asking for a second chance, but ruined it by saying the words “is it too late now to say sorry” over and over again.

Then, in all the songs, there was always an appearance of Bieber’s airy tone and echo. This was probably supposed to create a certain effect within the songs, but ended up becoming extremely obnoxious after the first few uses.

The one redeeming factor to “Purpose” was the fantastic backing tracks that were used in the songs. Each song had a catchy beat that made them easier to listen to, considering all the downsides.

Another thing included in the songs “All In It” and “Purpose” were sections that included Bieber talking over the background tracks about making mistakes and redeeming oneself.

This apologetic theme existed throughout the album and seemed to be a way for Bieber to explain himself and get forgiveness for some of the things that he’s done since his rise to fame.

Bieber started his career on YouTube when a former marketing executive of So So Def found one of Bieber’s videos and contacted him. Following this was his quick rise to fame along with three albums and tours. The downside to all of this was an arrest for reckless driving and charges of vandalism and being under the influence.

Overall, this album seemed to be asking for forgiveness yet fell horribly flat from lyrics to vocals. The only thing that is saving this album is the background music.

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