School spirit spreads smiles


Rachel Kang

Sophomores Aimee Kanadjian and Sanni Karhiaho wear Carlmont sweathsirts. This is a common way that many students show their school spirit on a daily basis.

Rachel Kang, Staff Writer

Carlmont is a school where diversity is highly valued, but school spirit serves as the glue that binds the student body together.

School spirit not only brings the student body together, but it also allows many to find positivity in high school. 

Sophie Clark, a senior and the ASB spirit commission supervisor, said, “You can put energy into the negatives of reality, or you can be and use what you have to make the most of the present. That’s what school spirit is for me. It’s something I can throw my spirit and energy into as an outlet for making the most of high school.”

One way that students show school spirit and interact with the spirit commission is by participating in Screamin’ Scots, a group devoted to cheering at Carlmont sporting events.

“When it comes to Screamin’ Scots, as a Carlmont athlete, I know how great it feels to receive support from your friends and classmates, which makes it important to me to support my teammates as well as other teams. It’s also nice to show other schools how much we support and love our teams because we’re such a tight-knit, spirited school,” said Aimee Kanadjian, a sophomore.

The spirit commission of ASB also plans spirit days to reach out to students. These range anywhere from activities and competitions in the quad to themed dress up days.

ASB spirit commissioner and junior Amy Yolland said, “I always dress up completely for the spirit days and that alone makes other people dress up a little because they know that there is someone out there who looks weirder than they would.”

Although ASB has a large participation in these spirit days, many agree that it’s the student body participation that makes the spirit really shine.

Spirit commissioner and sophomore Kayla Gustafson said,“It’s not just ASB that helps to make the community here at Carlmont so great to be apart of, it is also because of clubs, sports teams, drum line, teachers, and students.”

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