Screamin’ Scots’ spirit continues in the new year


Jordan Greene

ASB spirit supervisor and senior, Sophie Clark gets students excited for second semester at Carlmont.

Jordan Greene, Staff Writer

The Screamin’ Scots are back.

During lunch on Jan. 18, the Screamin’ Scots held a meeting to bring back Carmont’s spirited atmosphere.

Approximately 60 students from all grades attended the meeting held in the ASB room.

ASB spirit commission supervisor Sophie Clark, a senior, led the meeting alongside spirit hype commissioner Jake Stulbarg, a junior, and spirit activities commissioner Tyrese Lopez, also a junior.

The purpose of the meeting was to pump up the Carlmont campus by teaching new cheers and going over the Screamin’ Scots schedule for the remainder of the year.

“I think that the Screamin’ Scots meeting today was successful. There was a lot of people that came to support the school group. Going into it, I didn’t know how many people to expect, however, I am happy with the turnout. I hope that people were able to walk away with a better understanding of what is happening this semester and more excitement for our school spirit,” said Lopez.

A number of students listened and understood the message that the spirit commission hoped to get across in the meeting.

Kathryn Auyoung, a freshman at Carlmont and member of the Screamin’ Scots, said, “I joined Screamin’ Scots last semester as a freshman because I thought that it was a great way to get more involved around campus. I love going to sports games and supporting my school and Screamin’ Scots has given me that ability. The meeting today has inspired me to get even more involved.”

While some students find that Screamin’ Scots has allowed them to get more involved on campus, others find that they are too busy to join.

“I didn’t attend the Screamin’ Scots meeting because I just don’t have time. I am too busy with homework, clubs, sports, and other things to get involved in the group. I also don’t enjoy going to sports games because I don’t find them interesting or relatable,” said Mark Tenin, a sophomore.

The Screamin’ Scots’ primary focus is promoting sporting events throughout Carlmont. However, some students feel that if what the group focused on was more relatable, they would be more interested in joining the group.

“If the Screamin’ Scots came to clubs or cheered on other activities at Carlmont besides just sporting events, I might feel the need to get more involved. While I think the group is a great idea, the main reason I am not in it is because participating in the activities they offer is boring for me,” said Tenin.