Students fail to utilize school resources


Sarah Schisla

Junior Aaron Yofin helps Bijan Khalili with math homework at the tutoring center.

Sarah Schisla, Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

Why would you spend hours struggling to understand confusing lessons or spend hundreds of dollars on tutoring sessions when you could get the help you need for free?

Fortunately for Carlmont students, the tutoring center offers this help on campus, four days a week, for no cost at all.

The tutoring center in Room D23 is open Monday through Thursday, from the end of sixth period to 5 p.m.

Junior Aaron Yofin offers tutoring services in any subject area any time the tutoring center is open. “It’s a great resource. We have Internet access, tutors, teachers, and free food right there,” Yofin said.

Senior James Garcia, who began using the tutoring center this year, said, “[Yofin] has been helping me with my Geometry homework. I would have come earlier if I had known how much better I’d do in my classes.”

Both Garcia and Yofin have noticed that the tutoring center is under-utilized.

Yofin said, “As it stands, very few people come in, and I can’t imagine why.”

Not only are there fewer students seeking help, but Yofin has noticed that there are fewer tutors coming in as well. “There used to be more tutors, but eventually they stopped coming because of the lack of students. Tutors would get one, maybe two students [looking for help] if they were there for two hours,” he said.

Junior Kevin Shu said, “If Carlmont had more kids that needed or wanted tutoring, I would definitely want to tutor and help them.”

With the shortage of students requesting help, there are currently more than enough tutors to go around.

Garcia said, “If there’s a test coming up, there’s going to be someone here who can help you.”

Four days a week, any Carlmont student can find snacks, a quiet work environment, and the help they need to succeed in their classes at the tutoring center. Most importantly, all of it is free.