Students participate in Ally Week


Many people came to the Quad to support the GSA and signed the Ally Pledge.

Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

The Gay-Straight Alliance hosted Ally Week, which included handing out rainbow ribbons and giving students a chance to sign the Ally pledge. The spirit days are linked with National Coming Out Day.

Students came to the Quad to show support for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and straight allies by signing the Ally Pledge.

Kalila Kirk and Nicole Gallisatus, co-presidents of the GSA, created Ally Week to promote tolerance and acceptance within Carlmont.

“High school is a time for change and it can be rough finding yourself,” Kirk said. The co-presidents both have a passion for activism and plan to continue improving the GSA.

National Coming Out Day in the United States is Oct. 11. It is an international event that gives gay, lesbian, and bisexual people the opportunity to “come out” to others about their sexuality.

In the United States, the day is facilitated by the Human Rights Campaign’s National Coming Out Project. According to the University of Kansas Medical Center website, the first National Coming Out Day was held on Oct. 11, 1988.

Carlmont sophomore Leah Roe proudly wore her new rainbow ribbon to all of her classes.

“There is nothing bad about gay people. They’re just people. Why would I get concerned in someone else’s love life if they’re happy?” Roe commented.

The week ends brightly with Rainbow day, a day to wear tie dye and rainbow colors.

Many students came to the Quad to support the GSA and sign the Ally Pledge.