Students prepare for dessert theater

This year's dessert theater theme is the Loveboat.

This year’s dessert theater theme is the Loveboat.

Tara Shahrvini, Staff Writer

Carlmont students prepare to sing and volunteer at the annual choir dessert theater and fundraiser.

Traditionally, the dessert theater is a show where choir students sing songs of their choice that fit a certain theme. The audience members watch the performances and eat popular desserts that are served by student volunteers.

Although the theme changes each year, not much else does.

Choir Director Genevieve Tep said, “Our goal this year, to raise money and have fun, is the same as it was in previous years. Besides the theme, everything pretty much stays the same.”

Often, the student volunteers remain the same as well.

Sophomore Davis Schmitt said, “I volunteered last year, and I plan on doing it again. Helping out at dessert theater is a really useful and applicable experience because it gives volunteers a sneak peek into what it’s like working as a waiter or waitress.”

For many volunteers, dessert theater is a great event to help out with, as it supports Carlmont programs.

“Dessert theater is held every year to make sure that choir can stand on its feet without depending too much on others,” said Schmitt.

This year, many more choir students are eager to help out for the annual show.

Sophomore Abbey Holbrook said, “I did not volunteer as a waitress last year, even though most of my friends did. I thought it would be a lot of work to serve a table of eight. But everyone had such positive things to say after last year’s show that I have decided to do it for the Love Boat this year.”

Although some students enjoy volunteering, many have fun just watching the performances.

“Watching my friends perform is all that I need to have a good time. It makes me happy to see them singing and doing what they love,” said sophomore Serenity Gregerson.

This year’s show is sparking much excitement and enthusiasm. Students, staff, and parents are eager to embark on the Love Boat.

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