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High school students struggle to balance sleep with breakfast, resulting in deprivation of energy needed to learn.

Benefits of the early bird

November 3, 2016

Everyone loves sleep. Everyone loves breakfast. However, for busy high school students, it is hard to have both. For many students, finding the balance between getting enough sleep and eating breakfast can be challenging. Even though students know that ...

Carlmont students get addicted to the frustrating game of Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird frustration invades Carlmont

February 4, 2014

“I hate it. I hate that I like it. I don’t even know why I’m addicted; I just am.” This opinion, shared by sophomore Sam Levy, is a common one among Carlmont students. ...

Tourists arrive at circuit wearing face-masks after a recent outbreak of the bird flu virus

11 dead from mysterious bird flu in China

April 14, 2013

On Saturday, a 7-year-old girl is the latest person to be infected with bird flu in China Her case was the one of the eleven people out of 51 that has died from a new deadl...

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