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UCLA, one of the UC campuses, was the most applied to college in the country in 2019.

Opinion: The UC System is cheating California residents

March 26, 2019

In 2018, 22 percent of out-of-state applicants were admitted by UCLA. The acceptance rate for California residents: 12 percent. Those numbers mean that of the 71,569 Cali...

A student uses crib notes to cheat on a multiple choice exam. The use of crib notes is a common form of cheating.

Academic stress fuels academic cheating

December 20, 2017

Picture this: you have a math test in 20 minutes that you didn't study for. As you frantically attempt to remember what the previous unit was about, you remember your friend to...

E-mail sent to AP Gov students

AP Government cheating scandal unveiled

January 10, 2013

A huge breach in student integrity occurred as Carlmont's winter break came to an end when a shocking email from AP Government teachers exposed a cheating scandal in relat...

Carlmont not part of STAR cheating scandal

September 13, 2012

Unlike 150 schools that were facing investigations regarding academic dishonesty on the California Standardized Testing and Reporting tests, Carlmont did not have any cases of...

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