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One of Carlmont's counselors, Ross Yokomura, explains the A-G requirements to sophomores in the College and Career Center. The A-G requirements are used by Carlmont to determine what classes a student must take to graduate high school. Many colleges also use these same requirements to determine whether a student is qualified to apply to their college.

The road to college admission

February 29, 2020

Future jobs, salaries, reputation, and education; so much rides on a student's choice of whether they should attend college and if so, where. As a result, it is important for s...

The AVID team at Carlmont consists of counselors, teachers, and AVID students all working towards a common goal.

AVID helps students pave a path to current and future success

January 29, 2020

Most students know the stress that comes with being a highschooler all too well. Whether it stems from the workload from classes, the pressure to do well, or the ever-looming id...

Sophomore Maya Henry prepares for the PSAT using a PSAT prep book from The Princeton Review at the Belmont Library.

Students reveal the hidden importance of the PSAT

October 2, 2019

The school-mandated PSAT is coming fast, but not all students deal with it the same way. On Oct. 16, sophomores and juniors will be participating in the Preliminary Sch...

Towards finals week, students become extremely stressed over academics and race to study for their difficult classes.

Competition culture creates unnecessary stress for students

May 21, 2019

Get good grades, get into a good college, get a good job. This is what many students hear on a daily basis. As finals week approaches, many students are reminded of the pressures to...

College of San Mateo is a community college that offers concurrent enrollment for high school students.

Private and public colleges appeal to students in different ways

May 19, 2019

Just as the purpose of buying clothing is to have something to wear, the main purpose of attending college is to receive higher education in a school that can cater to one's needs. ...

Tara Roshan, a sophomore, works on a project during AP Euro class despite senioritis

Senioritis strikes again

May 15, 2019

Senioritis whips through the school hallways and crawls under classroom doors, infecting students and impacting their performance in school. In other words, with summer around...

Adapting to a new environment is on the horizon for graduating seniors.

Opinion: Moving on is hard

April 12, 2019

With graduation just around the corner, the thought of moving on from high school becomes a reality. Students are dispersing throughout the country to study their passion, immersin...

The number of students on waitlists has only increased in recent years, meaning there's even less of a chance for students to get off them.

Editorial: Waitlists bring more false hope than admission

April 5, 2019

We seniors have waited for months in anticipation of April 1. Before that, we were writing about our life stories and passions. Even before that, we were working as hard as we p...

California College of the Arts hosts 2019 Holi Festival

March 20, 2019

On March 16, California College of the Arts held the 2019 Holi Festival. All funds made from the event were given to the ASHA nonprofit organization to support education in India. ...

Terby Diesh, a senior, practices a song.

Aspiring performing arts majors audition in pursuit of their dreams

February 7, 2019

In elementary school, kids say they want to be astronauts, acrobats, or firefighters. In middle school, kids say they want to be teachers, bakers, or police officers. In high sch...

Lily Gittoes leads a presentation on a DECA club event.

DECA members exceed expectations at regional competition

January 21, 2019

Many high school students lack critical skills needed for college and the real world such as management, organization, communication, and presentation skills, and in an increasingly ...

Interested in both business and photography, Lauren Chong is one of the many students faced with the difficult decision of pursuing profit or passion.

Passions ignored while choosing a college major

January 18, 2019

Only 10 percent of art graduates in 2012 reported that they earned a living primarily based on being an artist, making Paul Shields a rarity. Shields is a Scottish photogr...

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