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A new type of biotechnology, called CRISPR, is a possible way for scientists to cut out unwanted DNA.

CRISPR research promises to save lives

March 16, 2017

Many scientists believe that Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR), a new way to edit genes, may someday be able to cure cancer, prevent autism, and...

This diagram shows the complicated process known as CRISPR, which uses the Cas-9 protein to perceptively cut molecular strands. Scientists have been able to re-program Cas-9 and have used it to edit the genomes of mice, monkeys, and pigs.

CRISPR raises ethical concerns

March 15, 2017

On March 8, Rachel Haurwitz, president and CEO of Caribou, gave a science lecture at Carlmont about CRISPR, the next big thing in the biotechnology department. CRISPR, which...

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