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Human activity is suspected to be the main reason behind the rising climate.

The Bay Area reacts to rising fear over climate change

May 9, 2019

Four hundred and eleven million people across the world would be exposed to drought. The suitability for the transmission of deadly diseases on land would rise by 27%. C...

Students at a football game show school spirit by wearing school colors and cheering on their team.

School spirit adds a new element to one’s high school experience

March 18, 2019

The school colors are everywhere, appearing in azure blues and alabaster whites that cover hallways and student apparel alike. Posters created by ASB flutter on nearby walls as pe...

If Prop 7 is passed, the sun will set an hour earlier than usual during the summer.

Health concerns spur voters to vote for Prop. 7

October 20, 2018

Midterms are coming up soon on Nov. 6, and California’s citizens will be voting on Proposition 7 — and whether or not to make daylight saving time (DST) permanent throughout...

Sophomore Gaby Pierce looks at her phone, confused and upset because she does not know why she was ghosted.

Ghosting leaves people behind in mystery

January 30, 2018

Sophomore Gaby Pierce woke up one morning, and when she checked her phone, she was surprised to see that the guy she was dating had unfriended her on social media. When she g...

Effects of population growth on Carlmont

September 8, 2016

Adriana Ramirez reports on growth in the population of Carlmont students and how that affects the learning environment.

Over 20 departments and programs are closed that may indirectly impact Carlmont students.

Government shutdown effects students

October 4, 2013

Ten days after the government shut down, students are starting to see its effects. Disagreement in Congress regarding the funding for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known...

The effects of propositions 30 and 38 on the Carlmont community

December 5, 2012

California schools are safe because Proposition 30 passed. If Proposition 30 had failed, California schools would have faced $6 billion in cuts this year. Six billion dollars is approximately equal to the salaries of 92,000 teachers, 66,000 principals, or 200,000 janitors. In the past four years, California schools have been hit with $20 billion in cuts, which resulted in 300,000 fewer teachers...

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