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Food journals know more of your secrets than you do.

Food journals tell the truth even when it hurts

January 10, 2015

As I hunted for a snack in my kitchen, my eyes suddenly became drawn to a plate of brownies. The idea that one brownie won't make a difference to my health danced through my head...

Absent students: why are they even in class?

Absent students: why are they even in class?

May 18, 2014

The definition of an absent student is often inaccurate. Many define an absent student as a student who doesn't show up for class, but personally, I believe an absent student is...

Girls' varsity basketball player Erin Lucett rehydrates after running a lap for conditioning.

Hydration is important even when not exercising

September 24, 2013

Although most athletes make sure to drink plenty of fluids during their game or practice, they may not feel revitalized for a while. This is because staying hydrated before exercising...

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