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A preview of Brandy Melville's lookbook showcases Brandy Girls wearing their

Editorial: Brandy Melville couldn’t care less about the average female

April 9, 2019

In an age where young girls and women are more vocal than ever, there's an area for them to speak up once again: the clothing industry. This is nothing new. Change is already in pr...

A woman at the Science March, held in San Francisco on Earth Day, holds up a sign showing her support for women scientists. The female scientists featured are Mae Jemison, Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, and Rosalind Franklin. Julie Paoli, who attended the march said,

Gender roles evaporate within the science classroom

March 1, 2018

Seventy-six percent of students in Julie Paoli’s AP (Advanced Placement) biology course are girls. And that’s not normal. The percentage of women’s involvement in the...

Women attending the boot camp run 1 1/2 miles on their first day, setting a time record to beat in their next four weeks of training.

Women’s Boot Camp encourages female participation in law enforcement

August 28, 2017

Law enforcement can be considered a male-dominated career, so many women even today find infiltrating that work environment to be a daunting task. To combat these feelings, the San Mateo Coun...

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