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For each presentation, students have to do days, and sometimes even weeks, of research.

Business Club prepares for a new semester

January 18, 2019

Every eye is focused on you. You speak confidently and your voice carries over to the crowd of people inspecting the presentation you’d worked on for months. Loud applause ri...

Sophomore Finance Commissioner  Ryan Perkins holds a $10 bill up.

Finance Commission answers the big question about money

May 19, 2017

A student hands in her money for the annual homecoming dance. Little does she know where the money goes or what it goes towards after she’s paid for her ticket. Finance Commission...

Justin Wang, a junior and the finance commission supervisor, helps fellow junior Alec Tung buy his prom ticket.

Finance meeting budgets ASB commissions

April 17, 2017

The financing of Carlmont ASB is often kept behind the scenes, but it has a huge importance in many school events. On April 19, ASB finance commission will be holding their...

Students who take Personal Finance at Carlmont learn how to manage their money and prepare themselves for life after high school.

Personal finance class prepares students for life after high school

September 6, 2016

Beyond high school, students have to adapt to an independent lifestyle and can no longer rely on guidance from their parents and teachers. By enrolling in the personal finance...

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