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Honey Mahogany marches on the front lines of San Francisco’s 2020 Women’s March. “Honey continues to organize and fight for the most vulnerable communities in San Francisco every day as a legislative aide in the District 6 Office, and hopes to be able to continue her service on the SF DCCC [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] as an elected member,” Mahogany said on her website.

Drag queen’s campaign for local office inspires Carlmont youth

March 2, 2020

On Jan. 23, 2020, RuPaul Charles announced the 13 new drag queens who would compete for the title of “America’s first drag president” on his Emmy Award-winning reality show ...

Putin, destroying a government faster than Trump

Cartoon: Putin Rewrites Russia

January 21, 2020


Queer Time Podcast is run by three teenagers who report on current events in the LGBTQ community and provide their own commentary.

Queer Time Episode Ten: Government and Politics

May 15, 2019

On the season one finale of Queer Time Podcast, Maddy and Zach discuss the LGBTQ community's relationship with government and politics. They cover the finalization of Donal...

Smoke from California wildfires fills the sky as air quality worsens.

ScotSkim: fire

November 15, 2018

California burns up from fires in north and south Infamous for its sunny days and sandy beaches, the Golden State is gaining a new meaning, as fire rages through both its northern ...

The results of the Kavanaugh hearings could result in fewer victims coming forward about sexual assault.

Opinion: Sexual assault is timeless; it’s never okay

September 28, 2018

We've seen him attack his own FBI, take "many sides" in response to Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Va., and separate over 2,000 families from their children. Now,...

There are protests in Kiev, Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Search.

Russian government supports Crimean annexation

March 18, 2014

The secession referendum in Crimea on March 16 revealed that 97 percent of Crimean voters supported leaving Ukraine to join the Russian Federation. The Ukraine crisis began...

Flu season fiasco: CDC closed during government shutdown

Flu season fiasco: CDC closed during government shutdown

October 8, 2013

With the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shut down, Americans will not be informed about current flu strains and where outbreaks are occurring. According to the CDC website,...

Behind the government shutdown - two sides that can't agree

Behind the government shutdown – two sides that can’t agree

October 7, 2013

After one week of partial shutdown, the United States government remains deadlocked as disagreement between the Democratic party and the Republican party continues to delay consensu...

Over 20 departments and programs are closed that may indirectly impact Carlmont students.

Government shutdown effects students

October 4, 2013

Ten days after the government shut down, students are starting to see its effects. Disagreement in Congress regarding the funding for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known...

E-mail sent to AP Gov students

AP Government cheating scandal unveiled

January 10, 2013

A huge breach in student integrity occurred as Carlmont's winter break came to an end when a shocking email from AP Government teachers exposed a cheating scandal in relat...

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