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Many artists that post their art online deal with art theft at one point or another.

Online art theft goes unregulated on Instagram

April 9, 2019

Imagine you just got home from a long day of school. You drop your backpack, lazily take off your shoes, and throw yourself onto your bed. You reach for your phone to see how your ...

A participant does the tabletop pose while a goat is perched on her back.

Goat yoga at Lemos Farm is a hit

February 28, 2019

Silicon Valley is a place of crazy and weird trends: insanely priced toast, fitness trackers for dogs, float pods, and DogeCoin, just to name a few. Well, another fad just got...

Sophomore Artie Hazelton spends his free time surfing the web with his group of friends.

Social media is more than what meets the eye

January 31, 2016

Social media: a way to invent a perfect life filled with #goals for all to see. Social media today is a hierarchy dominated by the Internet supe...

The #SELFIE; popularity outside Instagram

Sonia Paulo, Staff Writer

March 23, 2014

Often, songs are written with some relevance to current happenings in society. With “Respect” by Aretha Franklin released during the time of the woman's rights movement, and “We Are the World” produced by Michael Jackson during the time of mass famine in Ethiopia, it was just a matter of time before a song would be released about today's “selfie” craze. That song is “#SELFIE,...

Anyone can visit Carlmonthotie's homepage.

Instagram reveals hot Scots

November 17, 2013

A new profile on Instagram has kept interested students glued to their phones. In the past week, a profile under the title “Carlmonthoties” (sic) has created an Instagram ac...

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