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The police officer leading the Cherry Blossom Festival parade toward Tokyotown.

Cherry Blossom Festival promotes Japanese culture

April 23, 2019

All across the globe, Harumi, a Cherry Blossom Festival, signals the beginning of spring and the end of winter colds. Harumi is a traditional Japanese holiday that is meant t...

Eli Wallow and Liana Feigelson attentively learn about Japanese culture.

J-Pop Club dances their way to new friendships

January 26, 2019

The Japanese Culture Club, commonly known as J-Pop club, strives to teach Carlmont students both the traditional and pop culture aspects of Japan. The club mostly focuses on bringing toge...

J-Pop club members present about school uniforms in one of their meetings.

J-Pop club brings Japanese culture to Carlmont

May 29, 2018

The Japanese culture is one that may interest many, and J-Pop club is the perfect club to learn about the many aspects of their culture, ranging from animation to traditions. ...

At the children's kabuki theater in nagahama, performers allure audiences with bright costumes. Traditionally, kabuki is performed only by men but as it gets more international and modern women have occasionally come in as parts too.

Kabuki play honors Japanese culture

April 19, 2018

The bright, intricate costumes. The sound of the banjo-like shamisen. The audience cheering. These are all important aspects of kabuki. Kabuki is a Japanese performing art, c...

Ramen Dojo's Pork Garlic Ramen with all the traditional toppings and Ramen-style noodles.

San Mateo eatery sets the bar for delicious ramen

April 3, 2018

Located in downtown San Mateo on the corner of Eighth Avenue, Ramen Dojo offers the Peninsula the opportunity to enjoy a delicious bowl of traditional ramen with an endless amoun...

Many Japanese Americans were forced to stay in barracks like this model, which is assembled at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose.

Japanese incarceration leaves its mark on modern society

February 17, 2018

Over 100,000 Americans were imprisoned in a matter of two weeks. Yet, this event still goes unnoticed by many. Feb. 19, 1942, two months after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor...

Fourth Japanese nuclear power plant erupts

March 14, 2011

SOMA, Japan -- On Tuesday, more radiation is gushing from damaged reactors at a nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan. Yukio Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary, said that a fourth reactor was on fire and more radiation was released. N...

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