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The dates of the Spanish II finals are posted in a classroom.

Finals cause extra stress for students in language classes

May 25, 2019

Although finals week is approaching fast, exams for the different language classes have already begun. In most classes, teachers administer only one or two finals in the two ho...

Quinn Felton, a student taking Chinese at Carlmont, holds his poster for National Foreign Language Week.

Language classes explore cultures in National Foreign Language Week

March 8, 2018

This year, National Foreign Language Week falls between March 5 and March 11. It is a week dedicated to looking at other cultures and their languages to discover the importance...

Choirs end the year with 'The Language of Song'

Choirs end the year with ‘The Language of Song’

May 16, 2017

Carlmont choir performed their final show of the year in 14 different languages. As the theme was "Language of Song," the Singing Scots opened the show with a Brazilian cere...

Freshman Aidan Truel studies a deck of flashcards with Spanish vocabulary about airports.

Students view language classes as unnecessary

February 1, 2017

It can take up to 2,200 hours to learn a foreign language. It takes much less time to forget it all. Many high school students study a language for the minimum college require...

At 22 percent, the number of English language learners in California is over double the national average of 9 percent, making Proposition 58 especially important to Californian voters.

New proposition aims to accommodate language learners

October 27, 2016

California voters have the opportunity to make a big decision regarding the education of thousands of students across the state. Proposition 58, which will be on the statewi...

Sophomore Isabel Mayoss studies for the National Exam so that she can receive a gold medal.

Foreign language national exams stump students

March 24, 2016

Carlmont students were able to compete with other foreign language speakers during the month of March. Students in French III or higher took the National French Contest, and studen...

Katya Burton loves to spread the joy of language

Katya Burton loves to spread the joy of language

February 27, 2014

“Learning a language is so much fun, and teaching it is really fun as well,” said Katya Burton, a French teacher at Carlmont High School, who is in her 21st year of teaching ...

Mihal Nozik decodes the language of science

February 12, 2014

Mihal Nozik is a multilingual chemistry and biology teacher at Carlmont High School. “I think that when I was growing up, in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to be a teach...

Roberta Scott, right of the second to last row, with her senior class in Argentina

Roberta Scott believes in the value of language

October 21, 2013

While most high school seniors are focused on college applications and prom, Roberta Scott, world language teacher, left the Bay Area to continue high school in a foreign country. Although...

A once forbidden language has become a part of our society

Reg Chatman Jr., Staff Writer and ScotCenter Editor

May 3, 2013

Swearing, which at one point was a forbidden thing, has become a common part of peoples lives.  Why has it become such a common occurrence for people to swear? In a poll of 133 Carlmont students, 111 people responded yes to a question asking if they partake in swearing. “People are starting to care less in front of others. They say whatever is on their mind... because they don’t feel it affects...

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