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Students often sneak in naps during class to make up for lost sleep the night before.

Sleep deprivation can lead to more than just falling asleep in class

January 19, 2019

While students work in their English class, at least one student is found struggling to stay awake. Sitting in the corner with their head down and eyes fluttering, the image of t...

Ryan Huskey, a junior, reads to toddlers as a part of his job as a Childcare Associate at the Bay Club in Redwood Shores.

Teens need to get jobs

November 30, 2017

It's a Friday afternoon, and you're about to leave for the mall with your friends. You turn to your parents for your usual 20 dollars -- but wait, you've just received your paycheck;...

Carlmont's parking lot has spots available for $100 apiece. After school especially, all the cars flooding out of these parking lots slows traffic and causes a rush of cars.

Lack of parking poses issues

October 22, 2017

One of the special bonds that students and parents share is the hassle associated with Carlmont parking lots. Carlmont's parking lots have resulted in an overflow of studen...

Poor reporting leads to false label of Carlmont

Poor reporting leads to false label of Carlmont

April 1, 2017

In spite of what news reports say, Carlmont is not anti-Semitic. The recent uproar over the chalk swastikas that were drawn by the bleachers and outside the gym, partnered with a...

SOS Coordinator and School Therapist Shelley Bustamante prepares for the day ahead, surrounded by photos of past SOS members. Her office serves as a place for her to meet with students and SOS members alike.

SOS gives students a place to lead

March 2, 2017

The first thing most students will notice when entering Therapist and Students Offering Support (SOS) Coordinator Shelley Bustamante's office are the overwhelming amount of phot...

Carlmont's defensive line opens a lane for running back, Devon Sagon to move down field.

Varsity football surges to a strong win over El Camino

October 1, 2016

Yet again, Carlmont Scots fell behind early. But unlike their typical pattern, on Sept. 30 they shocked the crowd, or lack thereof, by coming back and beating El Camino High Scho...

Sophomore quarterback Timmy Palthe going for the touchdown.

Sophomores lead Scots to first victory

October 13, 2015

Varsity football pulled off a close win against the El Camino Colts on Friday, Oct. 9, at El Camino High School. In the beginning of the season, a few sophomore football players...

The sun shines down on the baseball field.

New fields lead to new opportunities

November 6, 2014

Over these past couple of months, the baseball and softball fields are being revamped for this upcoming season. The baseball and softball field received new dirt for the infield...

Jazz Ensemble members swap instruments and jam together after class.

Talent and dedication lead

May 1, 2014

It is no secret that Carlmont's Jazz Ensemble members are dedicated, talented, and successful. The group attends more events outside of Carlmont and has more awards than any...

Lead your own life

December 17, 2013

“What are you going to be when you grow up?” he said. “I don’t really know yet,” I replied. “But I think being a teacher would be pretty cool.” A frown darkened my friend’s face, as he proceeded to chastise me: “A teacher? That’s a terrible idea. You should do something more fun with your life, or at least make a decent living. You can’t drive a Lamborghini on a teacher’s s...

Green schools lead to green future

April 18, 2012

As more and more information is becoming known about our planet’s limited conditions, American schools are striving to conquer students’ negative impact. As this information is becoming viral in the media and being shared easily by social media, people are starting to change the way they live and make sure their children know too. Schools for all ages are starting to make changes that help...

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