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The Belmont City Hall passed an ordinance on Sept. 12 banning the sale of marijuana.

Belmont prohibits the sale of marijuana

October 12, 2017

A new Belmont law prohibits marijuana retail stores despite California’s legalization of the recreational drug. When California passed Proposition 64, the statewide sale and us...

People in the state of California will not be able to use marijuana legally at the start of the year, as they had originally hoped.

Plans for legalization of marijuana go up in smoke

October 4, 2017

Some Bay Area residents’ wishes of buying marijuana legally are going up in smoke. In the November 2016 election, California residents voted to legalize marijuana for recreational...

As Trump negotiates with NATO leaders, he must choose to compromise instead of pushing forward his own agenda.

America can’t cut ties with foreign partners

June 1, 2017

Trade deals, immigration, and alliances -- those are the three bonds that bind America to the rest of the world. Whether it is for better or worse, these relationships cannot...

San Jose City Council passed an urgency ordinance on recreational marijuana to take preemptive action on a possible rise in marijuana usage if Proposition 64 is passed.

Urgency ordinance restricts marijuana usage

November 2, 2016

The legalization of marijuana has hit yet another obstacle. On Nov. 1, San Jose City Council adopted an urgency ordinance prohibiting marijuana usage prior to the upcoming...

People gather together to protest for the legalization of marijuana.

Pro-marijuana activists smoke in protest

April 8, 2016

On  April 2, hundreds of protesters openly smoked marijuana in front of the White House to bring attention to laws that send thousands to jail each year for possession of the...

The truth about marijuana

The truth about marijuana

December 11, 2013


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