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Juvenile hall perceptions go beyond what meets the eye

Juvenile hall perceptions go beyond what meets the eye

June 19, 2018

Think someone in prison has hit rock bottom? Maybe not. The juvenile detention center in San Mateo County provides many opportunities that can help kids who may have fallen down the wrong path turn around. There are many rehabilitative resources and services to offer kids in need, including academic counselors, who make sure school credits are being transferred, and therapists, who help the kids through their traumatic experiences.

'Game Over, Man!' is a mindless movie with a poor plot and unfunny humor.

‘Game Over, Man!’ struggles to meet low expectations

April 14, 2018

Just by the trailer, it was easy to see that 'Game Over, Man!' would be a joke of a movie. A movie with weak comedy and poor entertainment, 'Game Over, Man!' stars Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Ho...

ASB Publicity Commission works on a poster to display at Open House's first Clubs Fair.

Clubs Fair meets Open House

March 16, 2017

Every year, Carlmont's diverse, student-made clubs join together at Clubs Fair during lunch in order to give a platform to clubs so they can share their messages and give everyone...

Sophomore Tanner Anderson addresses his relay team.

PAL meets pump up athletes

May 6, 2016

After the dust settles, new records are made. The final stretch of the season includes the PALs. The Peninsula Athletic League is the league that Carlmont sports compete is and...

SAT books pile up in preparation for getting into college.

College requirements are more than what meets the eye

February 5, 2015

College is just around the corner for many students, and it is time to start preparing. Many high school students do not know what tests are required for them to pass, and what...

Hipsters: more than meets the eye?

Hipsters: more than meets the eye?

January 29, 2012

The latest craze that has struck our generation is dressing or acting like a hipster. This trend has swept mainly the girl population and has sent females shopping their hearts...

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