Hipsters: more than meets the eye?


The latest craze that has struck our generation is dressing or acting like a hipster.

This trend has swept mainly the girl population and has sent females shopping their hearts out at stores such as Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

“The way they dress is so cute!” says Lauren Reiley. “I definitely have felt compelled to buy clothes that is considered hipster.”

But what is a hipster exactly? The actual meaning of being hipster varies greatly with what most perceive to be one nowadays. Many might see a girl in high-waisted Urban Outfitters shorts, a crop top and a cross necklace and peg her as a hipster.

Additionally, when asked, many girls described hipster solely as one’s clothing. However, the true meaning of a hipster is meant to go far beyond just how one dresses.

The “attitude” of a hipster is supposed to be laid-back, with an original outlook on life. They typically reject mainstream bands and prefer independent artists. They also enjoy bringing back styles from prior eras. Hipsters are similar to indie and bohemian cultures.

However, many people’s thoughts of hipster also relate directly towards Tumblr, a social media site, where many pictures of girls in hipster clothing are shared.

“My definition of hipster is Tumblr,” said Kiersten Scannell, a senior at Carlmont.

On Tumblr, so-called “hipsters” can be seen everywhere and are idolized for their beauty and fashion statements. Many Tumblr users are teenagers, so naturally, a peak interest has been struck within these girls to dress like hipsters without actually knowing what one is.