The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Holly Chen

Holly Chen , Staff Writer

Holly Chen is a junior journalism student. Even with a busy schedule, she tries to find time to enjoy a good movie or T.V. show. She loves art and food.

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Twitter: @hollychen_61

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‘Stranger Things’ brings an ’80s blast

August 26, 2016

The '80s was the time for sci-fi lovers everywhere. It was when "E.T." was released and "Star Wars" was at peak popularity. Fans were lining up in front of theaters everywhere. Many '80s lovers...

An awkward Doris tries to catch the eye of John.

Welcome ‘Hello, my name is Doris’

May 12, 2016

We have all been there. We have all had that crush who made us loose all our inhibitions. For Doris Miller, that love came fifty years past her teenage days, as she found herself head over heels for 20-year-old...

A big reveal will shock viewers in this season of Game of Thrones.

Let the “Game of Thrones” begin

April 27, 2016

***Contains Spoilers for "Game of Thrones" Season 6 began like any usual "Game of Thrones" premiere. Fans were excited, and HBO began its usual crackdown on 3rd-party streaming sites. Fans had a lot...

Did the glove fit? The whole prosecution rests on this question.

“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” is not black and white

April 20, 2016

An infamous case with a prominent star in the center of it. This was not O.J.'s first time in the limelight, but it would be one of the defining moments in his career. The TV series "The People v. O.J....

A messy romance that should be shocking comes off overdone.

“Flowers in the Attic” miniseries spices up romance with incest

April 13, 2016

Incest has always been a taboo topic. So when V.C. Andrews introduced incestuous siblings, Cathy and Chris, in her 1979 novel, "Flowers in the Attic," many young girl's hearts were set aflame. Her novel...

Image Courtesy of Lionsgate

‘Gods of Egypt’ is a bloody golden mess

March 10, 2016

If you'd like an excessive amount of CGI and another example of Hollywood's inherent racism, then look no further. "Gods of Egypt" provided just that, and then some. The plot-line was a mash between...

Mattel is releasing new types of Barbies this year.

We can all be Barbie Girls

February 25, 2016

Barbie is making a comeback this year. She's changing up her looks, and hopefully reaching more girls. Last January, Mattel released the new Barbie, with different ethnicities and body types. Most...

The cast caught in a candid photo.

‘Zoolander 2:’ Lame-y and Old?

February 18, 2016

***SPOILERS*** The past 15 years were not kind to Derek Zoolander. After opening "The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too,"  Derek Zoolander...

All of them will slowly die, until there are none.

‘And Then There Were None’ is the One

January 28, 2016

"Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; One chocked his little self, then there were Nine." Ten strangers were invited to a mysterious island by a strange host named U.N. Owen. Little did they...

‘The Danish Girl’ is the girl worth fighting for

January 16, 2016

A pale hand traces the hem of a white dress. A quick downward glance at silk stockings. A gentle breath, releasing one's confinements or realizing who one truly is. This moment is sensuous, yet enlightening....

‘The Little Prince’ shoots for the asteroids, lands amongst the stars

December 7, 2015

"Growing up isn't the problem, but forgetting is." Letting go of childhood wonder is hard to do. Oftentimes these remnants of the past are held tightly, yet the importance fades with wear. "The Little...

‘The Man in the High Castle’ asks the biggest ‘what if?’

November 17, 2015

What if? Often times, life is full of these small questions. What if I did x instead of y? But "The Man in the High Castle" asks the biggest "what if" in the history of mankind. What if Nazi Germany won...

‘Crimson Peak’ redefines horror

October 19, 2015

**SPOILER ALERT** "Beware of Crimson Peak." Young Edith Cushing (played by Mia Wasikowska) lived with this warning her whole life. Yet she was swept away by a dashing Sir Thomas Sharpe (played by...

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ welcomes you to room 64

October 14, 2015

Room 64. So many questions are left unanswered: Why does the clock always stop at 2:25? Why does the radio always play the same song? What is room 64? All guests are welcome to enter room 64, but not all...

Its a baby

It’s a baby

September 30, 2015

‘Scream Queens’ is a frightfest of delight

September 29, 2015

**SPOILER ALERT** Flashback to the '90s to a party held by the sorority Kappa Kappa Tau. Everyone is dancing and drinking, when suddenly a girl runs down from the stairs, her hands covered in blood....

Empress of China is the ruler of Chinese TV

September 21, 2015

The only female to ever become an emperor in Chinese history, Wu Zetian, is infamous for her ruthlessness and wit. Legend has it that she killed her own daughter, so she could blame it on the previous...

‘Another Period’ dazzles crowds across America

August 27, 2015

Imagine "Keeping up with the Kardashians," but set during the Gilded Age in Newport, Rhode Island. This is the premise for "Another Period" on Comedy Central. Meet socialites Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt...

Know Your Fears

Know Your Fears

May 9, 2015

Staying fit

Staying fit

April 17, 2015

SAT books pile up in preparation for getting into college.

College requirements are more than what meets the eye

February 5, 2015

College is just around the corner for many students, and it is time to start preparing. Many high school students do not know what tests are required for them to pass, and what courses they should take....

The Shirley Temple was tasty and bubbly.

Good sushi, but bad prices

December 11, 2014

There are many stories of people eating raw sushi, only to find tapeworms in their body. At Shiki Bistro, set that fear aside and enjoy some creative flavors of sushi. And if you are over 21, enjoy their...

Hotpot 101

Hotpot 101

November 18, 2014

What is the best way to warm up on a cold winter night? Some might say the answer is a steamy cup of coffee, or a heartfelt hug from a lover, all of which are nice ways to warm up, but the best way is...

Breakers has the best pancakes in the bay area!

Brunch at Breakers

November 3, 2014

Tired of run-of-the-mill pancakes,and flaky hash browns? Look no further, because Breakers serves the exact opposite. This Mom and Pop restaurant is located in Pacifica, next to the rolling waves. The...

Red Crawfishs crawfish arent so yummy.

Red Crawfish — good food, but avoid the crawfish

October 20, 2014

On a cold night, the best way to warm up is with some traditional Cajun food. The quaint restaurant called Red Crawfish is located in the busy downtown area of San Mateo, on 401 E 3rd Street. When a restaurant...

QQ Noodle is a quaint Chinese restaurant with great food.

QQ Noodle is oodles of fun

October 6, 2014

Are you looking for authentic Chinese food, but don't want to fly all the way to China? Then look no further. This small noodle parlor is located in Miltpitas Square on 416 Barber Lane, and is affordable...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Holly Chen