PAL meets pump up athletes


Jackson Monge

Sophomore Tanner Anderson addresses his relay team.

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

After the dust settles, new records are made. The final stretch of the season includes the PALs. The Peninsula Athletic League is the league that Carlmont sports compete is and the host of the multi-school sport championships of the league. The fastest and strongest of Carlmont athletes approach the challenge hoping to achieve glory after their long season of training.

The closeness of PALs are exciting many students for the upcoming competition. “I’m getting really excited for this year’s swimming PALs,” said sophomore Cameron Ho. “This year we have a good chance. We have new talent on the team and we are better than last year. If we can make good times, we have a good shot at winning.”

Many students are looking to improve upon their personal records and hoping to bring home awards for Carlmont. Winning in PALs also means that the athletes can be the next names on the PAL championship banners in the Terry Stogner Gym.

“I think we have a great shot for track and field this year,” said senior Austin Tang. “We have a lot of new talent and have a great shot at getting some good placing this time.”

The new freshmen this year on many teams have filled in the gap of the former sophomores and have brought a lot of new talent to the teams. Many have impressed not just their fellow athletes, but also the coaches.

“The freshmen and sophomores are very strong this year.” said track and field coach Nick Mkee. “I am really looking forward to seeing the practice pay off and having lots of individual improvement. I feel we have a strong chance to do very well based on our performance this season.”

As PALs approach, Carlmont athletes are ready to rise to the occasion.