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“I stay up late at night and often I don’t get enough sleep and I’m too tired the next day in class to stay focused,” said junior Erin Alonso.

Homework or procrastination — which is the problem?

January 23, 2015

“Finally I just got out of school.” “I’m so exhausted from my day, one hour of rest won’t hurt.” Does that hour turn into two, two turns into three and before...

Do students procrastinate because of too much homework?

Procrastination is not your friend

October 20, 2014

Procrastination is the silent-but-deadly monster that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. At first you're just watching some harmless TV, convincing yourself that it's...

Procrastination nation

April 2, 2013

You know, I had a really great plan for this column. I was going to do all of this research on where the phrase “procrastination” came from, and then provide some anecdotes from my own personal life. Maybe throw some interviews in there. A few quotes from someone famous. Like Mark Twain. Or Kim Kardashian. Yeah, this column probably would have made you all burst into sympathetic tears and...

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