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Tara Roshan, a sophomore, works on a project during AP Euro class despite senioritis

Senioritis strikes again

May 15, 2019

Senioritis whips through the school hallways and crawls under classroom doors, infecting students and impacting their performance in school. In other words, with summer around...

ScotCenter: Overcoming Senioritis – Bijan Khalili

January 15, 2016

Bijan Khalili asks seniors and staff how to survive the final semester.

Where will you be on June 5?

Don’t let senioritis ruin you

January 10, 2015

You know that you're a second-semester senior when you've already given up on the third day back to school. Yes, my name is Jessica Adair and I have senioritis. According to...

Freshman Fever vs. Senioritis

Freshman Fever vs. Senioritis

December 3, 2013

Freshman year is a new start for many students -- to have a clean slate, make new friends, and ultimately start fresh. Some admit that their first year is nerve-wrecking as the tr...

Senioritis is REAL

February 27, 2013

Let’s face it. At this time during the school year, many of us have hit a brick wall and simply don’t care about being diligent in our work anymore. For many, including myself, senioritis begins after receiving the first acceptance letter from a college or university. An acceptance letter reminds seniors that they are almost done with their high school careers and must only endure a few more...

Senioritis is NOT real

February 27, 2013

Walking through the halls, sitting in class, looking at my twitter feed, I constantly hear the words “second semester senior” roll easily off the tongues of my classmates. It seems that as soon as we can call ourselves that, second semester seniors, we are magically supposed to contract this horrible disease widely known as senioritis. But here’s the deal: there is a difference between...

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