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COVID-19 and flu shuts down various Carlmont activities

March 19, 2020

Concerns regarding COVID-19 have led to the cancellation of many events that students enjoy throughout their everyday life. These include going to school, playing sports, participating...

Student Absenteeism bigger than you think

Dantony Lewis, Staff Writer

March 19, 2019

Missing one day of school may seem harmless, but it can have massive consequences. Chronic absenteeism: missing more than ten% of school days. “Missing one day of school is hard to recover from and sometimes can’t even be recovered,” said Carlmont High School sophomore Rohan Mantena. Students that miss school struggle to recover from the missed lessons or tests they have to make up out of class. Even if ...

Carlmont fights the flu – Joseph Gomez

January 22, 2018

Joseph Gomez reports on the 2018 flu.

Sophomore Alyn Seymour struggles choosing between taking care of her health or prioritizing her schoolwork.

Homework gets prioritized over health

January 7, 2016

Although the best way to recover from sickness is by resting, Carlmont students are often found doing homework instead. Due to strict teacher policies and a full work load,...

Husband's search for wife ends with a sick twist

Husband’s search for wife ends with a sick twist

January 16, 2013

Photo Credit: Sergei L. Loiko, Los Angeles Times In an effort to cover his tracks, Alexei Kabanov made desperate posts on his Facebook asking for assistance in locating h...

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