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Small World challenges player to dominate a world that's too small for everyone.  This is the board after a close 2-player game.

Board Game Reviews: Small World

May 15, 2020

It's a world of slaughter after all in the zany Days of Wonder board game Small World, designed by Philippe Keyaerts.  The fantasy-themed game has players control amazons, gian...

Sober Prom shows that small choices have big consequences

April 18, 2018

Victoria Valle Remond reports on Carlmont High School's 2018 Sober Prom campaign and the impact it had on students and participants.

At the Beijing Olympic Games a man was selling live turtles, fish, and lizards in plastic bags as souvenirs. This shows just one example of the unspeakable crimes that are committed against small animals whose lives are often considered less precious than those of bigger animals.

Small pets are more likely to be abused

May 24, 2016

Most people love dogs. Their fluffy faces, wagging tails, and crazy fur make them purely irresistible, especially when they roll over and ask for a tummy rub. Most people love...

Reducing stress through small acts of kindness

Reducing stress through small acts of kindness

September 1, 2014

The life of a high school student is a stressful one. With countless amounts of homework and tests, extracurricular activities, and college applications, there is hardly ever time...

It’s small a world

February 27, 2013

Forget the 80 days that it took Phileas Fogg to travel around the world, now due to our technological advances we can fly around the world in less than 48 hours. The world now seems relatively smaller than it was in the days when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. With our domination over distance, we have become significantly more intertwined with the other nations of the world. On the positive side,...

Small fire behind Carlmont High

February 7, 2011

At approximatively 2:11pm on Monday, Feb. 7, a small grass fire was reported on Valegra St, located behind Carlmont's performing arts building. When Belmont-San Carlos fire arrived on the scene, they were quick to but out the small blaze located under a tree near a smoking spot, commented School Recourse Officer Scott Fegley. The blaze is currently under investigation. ------------ ...

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