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Teacher's influence may impact students' motivations and willingness to participate. Bad grades may have more of an occurrence due to bad teaching techniques.

Neglectful teaching threatens the success of youth

February 2, 2019

For a student to be genuinely passionate about a subject in school is a rare and beautiful thing which is often impacted by teachers.  Getting a teacher that can connect well with...

For Robeck, teaching goes beyond school. It's in her blood.

Teaching runs in Robeck’s family

March 18, 2014

For Laura Robeck, teaching and family are tightly intertwined. Robeck made the decision to be a teacher at a young age because of the influence of her family. Many women in her f...

Tsuchiyama loves playing video game but takes his teaching seriously.

Tsuchiyama enjoys teaching and gaming

February 19, 2014

Call of Duty, Far Cry 3, The Last of Us, and God of War are only some of the video games that Robert Tsuchiyama enjoys playing in his down time. Tsuchiyama’s career as a math teacher...

Flipping the classroom: the new teaching technique

Flipping the classroom: the new teaching technique

September 21, 2012

Teachers at Carlmont are trying a new style of teaching called “flipping the classroom” that allows more time in class for school work. “Flipping the classroom” means...

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