The Brandy Melville hype

The Brandy Melville hype

Alyssa Espiritu , Staff Writer

The Brandy Melville brand is worn by numerous girls around campus every day. This trend of Brandy Melville sweaters, graphic t-shirts, and skirts are continuing to grow and becoming more popular.

The Brandy Melville store first opened in Los Angeles, Calif. then made its way up to San Francisco where the hype started to grow on teenage girls. Now, the Brandy Melville brand is also sold at PacSun.

“I literally see so many girls wear Brandy Melville every day in the hallway,” said junior Miranda Irwin. “It’s becoming more and more popular.”

Junior Neeshae Wain said, “I wear items from Brandy four to seven days a week.”

The brand is popular among teenage girls because of its versatility, simplicity, and its neutral color scheme.

Sophomore Taya Cowan said, “I like Brandy Melville because it is comfortable and has a relaxed style.”

The brand interests girls because it is seen on famous people as well.

“I also think Brandy Melville is so popular because a lot of celebrities wear it.” said Cowan.

In addition to the brand being worn by celebrities, it is also worn by many girls because of its simplicity and basic style which started the Brandy Melville hype.

“I think Brandy is becoming more popular because teenage girls like to follow the trends that are going on,” said Wain.

Along with its popularity, girls also share the same interests as to why they like Brandy Melville.

“My favorite item is my maroon colored skirt because it can go with anything,” said Irwin.

Like Irwin, Wain explained how her favorite item from Brandy Melville is versatile: “My favorite item is my light blue skirt because I can wear and match it with a lot of my clothes and accessories.”

Brandy Melville started to become popular one year ago, but as time goes by, it is seen being worn on more teenage girls on and off campus and is now considered as “what is in.”