The Halloween Costume Contest is back


Brooke Chang

Carlmont Students search through their closets to find the perfect costume to win the Halloween Costume Contest.

Brooke Chang, Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

A time when students can dress up as anything from superheroes to giraffes, Halloween is a very anticipated holiday at Carlmont. The day also brings with it the annual Carlmont Costume Contest.

Although Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, ASB will still be hosting the Costume Contest at lunch on Friday, Oct. 30 and students are encouraged to wear their costumes to school.

All members of the Carlmont community are welcome to participate in the Costume Contest including students, teachers, and staff members.

Carlmont Activities Director Jim Kelly said, “Anyone can have a good time whether they’re participating or just watching their peers.”

This year’s Halloween Costume Contest will be judged by a panel of teachers, and the participants with the most creative costumes will receive a prize.

Many students who have watched the Costume Contest in past years are looking forward to another year of clever costumes.

Junior Kemma Peters, a student who plans to watch the Costume Contest this year, said, “The contest is always fun because you can see everyone’s costumes and it’s fun to change out of normal clothes for a day.”

Other students enjoy watching Carlmont come together as a community to celebrate a day of creativity.

Sophomore Class President Tiffany Chung said, “Seeing the students and staff of Carlmont join together to show off their originality is inspiring and entertaining.”

The Halloween Costume Contest isn’t just a fun school activity and a chance to win prizes. Many believe that Halloween and the Costume Contest represent more to students and staff.

“People don’t want to let go of their childhood,” said Kelly. “When heading into a life full of studying and responsibilities, Halloween can bring you back to the recess days of elementary school, and the Costume Contest lets people share that with the rest of the community here at Carlmont.”

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