The manhwa “Solo Leveling” is on a level of its own


Glydelle Espano

A scene from chapter one of “Solo Leveling” featuring the main character, Sung Jin-Woo.

Packed with action and fantasy, the manhwa “Solo Leveling” is a fantastic read. The manhwa’s engaging plot, amazing art, and interesting characters sold it for me. 

The manhwa “Solo leveling” is adapted from the web novel, “Only I Level Up” by Chu-gong. “Solo Leveling” is set in South Korea, in a world where portals to dungeons filled with different monsters appeared randomly. People with powers are known as “hunters” and fight in dungeons. “Solo Leveling” is centered around Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter, and his journey to becoming an S-rank hunter after receiving a reawakening.

After hearing about it multiple times, I decided to read it, and I’m glad I did.

The plot drew me in, to the point that I binged “Solo Leveling” and caught up to the most recent chapters. This manhwa’s plot slightly reminds me of the anime “Bofuri” because the main character also starts from scratch and becomes stronger as the anime progresses, like Jin-Woo. Right off the bat, the story is already action-packed as Sung Jin-Woo struggled to survive in the dungeons to support his bedridden mother. Farther into the story, Sung Jin-Woo and his fellow clan members encountered a rare double dungeon, where his clan members sacrificed him, kick-starting his “solo leveling” journey. Reading Jin-Woo’s journey getting stronger each chapter is an enjoyable, hooking experience. 

Along with the plot, I feel like the characters are well developed and have good personalities. Throughout the chapters, reading Jin-Woo’s character development felt exciting because the reader gets to see him go from a nobody to a somebody. 

The art style of the “Solo Leveling” also drew me in. I think the character designs are charming and have a clean look, which somewhat reminds me of the “Jujutsu Kaisen” art style combined with “Food Wars!” The artists did really well with expressing the character’s emotions with their facial expressions, so the reader feels the story’s current mood. The action scenes are the best parts because they do a fantastic job showing the fighting scenes and making them intense even though it’s not animated yet.  

All in all, I highly recommend this manhwa if you want something new to read, you won’t regret it. The engaging plot, amazing art, and interesting characters are reasons why you should read “Solo Leveling.”

RATING: [star rating=”5″]