The many choirs of Carlmont


Choir students relax outside before their concert begins.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Carlmont has a total of nine choirs all taught and supervised by Genevieve Tep. Five of the choirs are scheduled classes during the school day and the other four are extra curricular activities that students come in on their free time to practice for.

“On a typical day in choir we usually spend a bit of time warming up our voices and then we work on music for our next performance,” said senior Lauren Pittock.

All of the choirs are currently learning music and preparing for their annual Pop Concert in Oct. This years theme is “The Evolution of Pop.”

“We are currently working on songs for our pops concert. Some songs my choir (concert choir) and Singing Scots will be singing are a Jersey Boys medley, Treasure, In the swing, Best song ever, and Forget You,” said sophomore Tori Miranda.

Singing Scots is all of the choirs combined. Often during their concerts they sing as a whole and the stage is crowded with hundreds of choir kids.

The choirs sing as a whole and as individual choirs. The nine choirs that make up the Singing Scots are: Women’s choir, Men’s choir, Chamber choir, Treble Clef, Concert choir, Show choir, and the smaller groups of choir students which are Out of the Blue, Fine-Tuning, and In-Treble.

“I joined choir this year because I’m interested in music and it seemed like such a fun family to be a part of. My favorite part of choir is when we sing and it shows that all our hard work has paid off,” said sophomore Rose Pellegrini.

Choir is one of the many performing arts programs that Carlmont offers and that many students choose to participate in, some for all four of their years in high school.

“Being in choir has taught me to be more open and have more of a voice for myself. It has also taught me to trust myself and my voice to say and do the right things no matter what,” said senior Dario Johnson.

Thanks to Tep, choir not only teaches students how to read and perform music, but it teaches them more about themselves as individuals, and how to be comfortable with who they are.