Tim McGraw kicks off country concert season

Sonia Paulo, Staff Writer

The first country concert of the season is back on May 10. Tim McGraw is kicking off the summer country concert series that some high school students look forward to.

This Saturday, students will board CalTrain or get driven to Shoreline amphitheater where McGraw will be performing. With McGraw being one of the most famous and popular country artists, his presence is bringing lots of excitement.

Tim McGraw performing Photo by Saed Hindash
Tim McGraw performing. Photo by Saed Hindash

“I actually like Tim McGraw,” said junior Cody Campbell, “He’s one of the most popular country artists and a lot of people know who he is.”

With McGraw having won multiple American Music Awards, Country Music Awards, and even a few Grammys, his popularity is hard to dispute.

“The opening line up is really good too,” said Campbell about starting performers Bradley Gilbert and Love and Theft.

Gilbert has released two albums and won a Country Music Award for his songs “Country Must Be Country Wide,” “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do,” and  “Dirt Road Anthem.”

Love and Theft has released two albums and won a Country Music Television award for their hit song “Runnin’ Out of Air.”

The popularity of McGraw and opening performers are helping to add to the excitement of the first country concert of the season.

However the music is not the only aspect students look forward too when attending the concert. With pictures flooding social media the day after; there is a very social aspect to the concerts as well.

“Country concerts are a good way to get to see friends from other schools and to meet people,” said junior Raine Kharen

Since the country concerts at Shoreline are so popular among students, people come from schools all over the Bay Area, some even as far away as Santa Cruz, just to attend. This social aspect of the country concert series are what help keep increasing the popularity of the concerts, drawing in different people every time.

“I’m definitely planning to attend other country concerts this summer, they’re so much fun.” said junior Gigi Vlahos.

All summer long Shoreline will be hosting a variety of country performers including Toby Keith, Keith Urban, and Jason Aldean.

With McGraw kicking off the first of many country concerts to come,  there is a lot for country fans to look forward to in the upcoming months.