Tin Pot Creamery serves special sweet treats


Taisiia Yakovenko

Tin Pot Creamery is well known for a variety of unique flavors. They recently opened a new shop in San Mateo.

Taya Yakovenko, Staff Writer

The long awaited Tin Pot Creamery finally opened in a newly built neighborhood in San Mateo.  

Tin Pot Creamery has a wide range of original flavors that are not to be found in other ice cream places. A few examples of these flavors are Earl Grey, banana and fudge, snickerdoodle, and pumpkin with bourbon-caramel.

The company took a bold step by creating their Earl Grey ice cream. At first, the combination of tea and ice cream does not sound like a good idea, but this is one of those weird combinations that ends up tasting great. One taste will take you on a journey to England, with it’s rainy weather that needs to be complemented with a warm blanket. A light aftertaste of bergamot orange and a mild sweetness are a perfect blend for a hot summer’s day.

The strong flavors of banana and rich chocolate fudge are combined to create Tin Pot Creamery’s Roasted Banana Triple Fudge ice cream. A perfectly smooth texture adds a kick to the well-known banana split flavor, and the chocolate fudge adds another dimension to the overall taste of the product while complementing the banana flavor.

A seasonal taste of autumn is preserved in a Pumpkin with Bourbon Caramel Swirl ice cream. Its rich flavor, a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, creates an impression that ice cream is actually perfect for fall rather than summer. Bits of pumpkin contribute to the overall texture of ice cream to make it even more unique. The variety of spices will brighten up anyone’s taste palette and leave a pleasant, long-lasting aftertaste. 

Cinnamon-Snickerdoodle ice cream will remind everyone of the far too familiar taste of our favorite cookie. Although it’s the sweetest of all the options mentioned above (perfect for someone with a sweet tooth), it still has a pleasant flavor. The cinnamon does not overpower the other flavors, which is hard to achieve due to the spice’s strength, while the bits of cookie create an impression of eating an actual snickerdoodle.

The storefront is decorated with a modern design and bright colors, and the staff creates a welcoming environment by being patient and helpful.

All this makes Tin Pot Creamery the ultimate place to go on a hot day.

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