Teachers are showered with food and appreciation


Rachel Skrenta

Rosa Argaluza, a Spanish teacher, gets food in the Teachers’ Lounge during the Vivace Luncheon for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Rachel Skrenta, Staff Writer

During Teacher Appreciation Week, spanning from May 2 to May 5, the Parent Teacher Student Association set up various breakfasts and lunches for staff members to enjoy in the Teachers’ Lounge as a gesture of appreciation.

While we often receive thanks from students and parents, it is nice to have a special time set aside for teacher appreciation,” said math teacher Gayle McGinnis.

The week consisted of Sweet Breakfast Tuesday, Vivace Luncheon Wednesday, Bagel Thursday, and Cinco de Mayo Luncheon Friday. Teacher Appreciation Week only takes place once a year, although PTSA does provide teachers with food on some holidays.

Azi Dennler, Lori Moon, and Annette Robinson, the co-chairs of the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Committee within PTSA, were in charge of organizing the event, while other parents donated food and materials.

Dennler said, “We get great support from our Carlmont parents. All we have to do is get a signup sent out and within days we have all the spots filled with volunteers for setup and cleanup. This is a great chance for parents to be involved and contribute when they can.”

My only complaint is that the ones who should show their appreciation the most are students and they don’t.”

— Felix Guzman

Some teachers feel that the setup of Teacher Appreciation Week is dominated by parents.

“I think that the PTSA does a magnificent job providing us with food for lunch and breakfast. My only complaint is that the ones who should show their appreciation the most are students and they don’t. They think that their parents are in charge of it,” said Felix Guzman, a chemistry teacher.

However, many students were not aware that it was Teacher Appreciation Week and would have liked to contribute more.

Aidan Truel, a freshman, said, “No one told me that it was Teacher Appreciation Week and I didn’t get any emails. I wish I could help out and let the teachers know that we appreciate them for spending their time to educate us.”

While students may have played a lesser role, both parents and students believe that it is important to show appreciation to the faculty.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a way for parents to give thanks to all the teachers and staff for everything that they do for our school and our children all year long. They play such a huge role shaping the future of our children. What we do is just a small token of our appreciation,” said Dennler.

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