‘Tokyo Ghoul’ has fans shivering with anticipation



“Tokyo Ghoul” is wrapping up it’s second season with intense battles and a gripping emotional storyline that leave audience members on the edge of their seats.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

The second season of “Tokyo Ghoul” is building tension in it’s second-to-last episode, with emotional scenes and dramatic revelations.

This series takes place in a world where human-like creatures, called ghouls, must blend into human society and need to feed on human flesh. One human, Ken Kaneki, becomes a half-ghoul after an accident, and sees the horrors that the conflict between ghoul and human causes.

With the finale approaching, the writers emphasized the question of which species is the real evil that is hurting the world and showed the bonds on both sides of the battlefield.

Each intensive battle has both action and emotional scenes that define the characters and show the sacrifices and pain that humans and ghouls suffer through because of the fighting.

This week’s episode focused on the revelations that multiple characters had while fighting for their lives during a large-scale battle between the ghouls and the humans.

As many of the characters fell in battle, their comrades’ reactions were shown as the audience was forced to feel sympathy for everyone, despite the series making it clear that the humans are the main ones at fault.

There has been a constant buildup of character development during this season, unlike the constant action of the first season. The relationships on the ghoul and human sides were introduced and explored to show the viewer that both species have good and bad characters.

On the ghoul side, there is an emphasis on the ghouls who just want to be allowed to live but are forced into battle by the threat of their loved ones.

Many of the humans struggle with the death they have seen or the fear of being one of the casualties in the battle.

The scenes of the battle flow beautifully with the music and constant development of the storyline and characters, making me think deeply about the message it is portraying and feel conflicted about which side I should be rooting for.

5/5 stars

Watch the last episode of the second season of “Tokyo Ghoul” on FUNimation next Thursday.