Turning heads with Head’s Up

Turning heads with Head's Up

Ashley Kawakami, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

A group of friends play Head’s Up

The classic games of Charades and Who Am I have come together and produced Head’s Up.

Head’s Up is currently the top paid for app in the iTunes app store and is bringing back the two classics with some fun new twists.

In Head’s Up, one player puts his or her iPhone on his or her forehead and the other players read the word or name and try to act it out or give hints to the player without actually saying the word, the goal is to get as many words or names correct before the time runs out.

As players act out the different items, the app is using the front facing camera to record their silly actions.

Sophomore Johanna Hendriksen said, “It was really funny because in the video we got to watch people belting out Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and a bunch of other silly stuff.”

Players can pick the category they want to play under, some of the categories are much easier than others. The categories that come with the app include celebrities, animals, songs, and characters.

Hendriksen said, “My favorite category is animals, it’s really funny to see the way people really get into it.”

Sophomore Amber Governale said, “I like songs, you don’t say the lyrics, you can just hum.”

The app is a fun way to pass time or just have fun with friends but like all apps does have it’s downsides.

Governale said, “There were a lot of people in the choices that I didn’t know but that’s only because I’m not very up to date with celebrities.”

The app is 99 cents in the iTunes app store and comes with seven different packs and gives the players the options to buy some other fun categories for an additional 99 cents each.

Head’s Up rose to the top of the app store when Ellen DeGeneres played the game on her show to release the new Warner Bros. app.

If you’re looking for a fun game to keep Head’s Up is worth all of its 99 cents.

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