Twenty One Pilots blows fans away with their stellar concert


The sign outside The Fox Theater in Oakland.

Ravina Gujral, ScotCenter Segment Editor

The up and coming varying genre band Twenty One Pilots put on a show to remember on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.

The two members of the band, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun released their first studio debut album and third overall album ‘Vessel’ in 2013, which allowed them to gain many new fans with their unique music style.

Their record label, Fueled By Ramen jump started their careers by putting them beside other major artists of the label including Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, Panic! At The Disco, and many more. Thus, Twenty One Pilots launched their first headlining tour “Trip For Concerts,” that is going on now.

The first opening act, Hunter Hunted kicked off the concert with energy and anticipation for the rest of the show. The band expected to play the classical role of an opener band, however fans surprised them by crowdsurfing during their set and projecting the same energy back.

In contrast, the second opening act, Nonono bored many and sounded very repetitive with their music. The crowd wasn’t very entertained and took this as an opportunity to relax before the main act came on.

Lastly, Twenty One Pilots, the headlining band blew people away with their stellar performances of their most popular songs.

Senior Sean Brewer said, “I thought the show was really great because of Twenty One Pilots, I just didn’t care much for the opening acts. The first band, Hunter Hunted were good but the second one, Nonono were just too boring and bland for me.”

Throughout the show, Joseph and Dun incorporated many different aspects to their set such as playing and singing on the crowd, outfit changes, various genres of music, and multiple instruments.

“Even though I’ve been to a lot of different concerts, I thought the concert was one that I’ll really remember. Twenty One Pilots has such a unique sound to their music that’s not comparable to any other artists I know of. I was also really glad their energy passed on to the crowd because it made the show even more exciting,” said senior Ashley O’Brian.

Twenty One Pilot’s interaction with the crowd only made fans enjoy their experience at the show even more than they expected.

‘Isle of Flightless Birds,’ ‘Anathema,’ and ‘Car Radio’ were arguably the most emotional parts of the night. Each song left fans feeling a variety of particular emotions.

Junior Victoria Poslavsky said, “This was the first concert I’ve ever been to but I was stunned at how great they performed. I didn’t know much about Twenty One Pilots before I went to the show, but the performance really opened me up to their music. I would say my favorite songs were ‘Migraine,’ ‘House of Gold,’ and ‘Car Radio.’”

Twenty One Pilots has definitely made their unique mark in the music industry, which is only helping them become a new band to look out for in the future. Their music and concerts continue to leave people satisfied with a fresh beginning to a new era of music.

The lead singer, Tyler Joseph performing with a ukulele.
The lead singer, Tyler Joseph performing with a ukulele.