Varsity baseball beats Aragon


Carlmont running home

Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

Carlmont running home
Carlmont running home

Both teams played as herd as they could. It looked like it was a huge land-slide win for Carlmont, but in the sixth inning,  the Scots let their guard down, giving Aragon the chance to catch up on runs.

The final score of the game was 13-7 Carlmont.

Justin Fink said, “We didn’t play as well as we would have wanted to today. But, what we did was we put the ball in play a lot.”

In the first few innings, Carlmont played extremely well. They managed to keep Aragon at one run for most of the game, while Carlmont kept slowly getting more and more runs.

Carlmont was able get a few nice bounces off bunts right down the third base line. This helped them move players around the bases and get more runs.

Carlmont was partly fortunate that Aragon’s pitching was not as good as it should have been. Carlmont batters kept receiving walks by getting pegged.

In the sixth inning, Carlmont gave up a few runs. After Carlmont put in a new pitcher, it became really hard for Carlmont to get three outs. The new pitcher struggles to throw the ball over home plate.

The second half of the sixth inning went much better for Carlmont. Aragon was making many errors and letting Carlmont get up to 13 runs.

The closing pitcher for Carlmont, Marcus Fukuhara, was able to pitch with pin-point accuracy. He was only throwing strikes.

Fink said, “Our pitching bullpen did really well today. Marcus pitched really well.”

Tanner Westmoreland said, “Our defense did really well and we came together as a team.”