Warriors make new home across the bay



[media-credit id=48 align=”aligncenter” width=”274″][/media-credit]The Bay Area’s main basketball team, The Golden State Warriors, have agreed with San Francisco officials to make The City its new home.

“Personally, I like the move to SF because it will make San Francisco a better sports town,” explained die-hard Warriors fan Reggie Chatman.

With the loss of the 49ers, San Francisco welcomes back a second sports team besides the highly popular Giants. Their new stadium will be ready around 2017 and will probably be built near the current Giant’s stadium.

“A state-of-the-art stadium and being in SF will attract more stars and prospects,” continued Chatman.

Although all of the new improvements will make the Warrior fan experience better, some feel the move alone is what makes the biggest difference.

“I think it would be pretty cool,” explained Justin Quan of the move, “It would be easier to go to games.”

The only downside to this huge power shift is the fact that it will be at least four years until anything actually happens.

Unlike the 49ers, who will be moving within the next two years, the Warriors will still have to suffer on the other side of the Bay in their current home, the Coliseum.

With the fantasy of finally becoming a big name within the NBA community lingering in the distance, the Golden State Warriors will slowly wait as their future is built in front of them.