Web design allows students to be creative and tech-savvy


Alyssa Espiritu

Students work diligently on web projects.

Alyssa Espiritu, Staff Writer

The world is run by technology and its unlimited amount of information made accessible for all people. Due to the advancement of technology and the internet, Carlmont offers classes like web design that allows students to be creative and prepared for the future.

Web design is a class that focuses on teaching students how to create well designed websites by learning how to code, use HTML, and Photoshop. The class also allows students to learn the differences between what makes a website good or bad by critiquing and exploring other sites.

“I took web design because I’ve always been interested in computers and the user interface aspect so when I found out this class was offered at Carlmont, I signed up right away,” said senior Andrew Wach.

The class is also unique because all assignments and exercises are done through computers and up-to-date softwares.

“I like the class so far because it is set up in a cool way. We have multiple assignments to complete, but we are able to do them in our own pace,” said Wach.

Web design teacher Joshua Sheridan is helpful with students who are beginners with handling computers and software illustration which makes the class suitable for students of all levels of experience with technology and building websites.

“Web design is a fun, hands-on class where students learn to use the computer as a tool for creativity. They learn to look at the web differently,” said Sheridan.

The class prepares students for the future by exposing them to computers and helps students learn new skills that can be useful.

“Students will learn digital tools that they will likely use for the rest of their lives. Even if they don’t go into web design, almost all careers use a computer and knowing how to make a website will give you one more skill you can add to your toolkit,” said Sheridan

Web design is a unique class that students enjoy. “I am excited to learn more about how computers and websites work,” said junior Jason Burger.

Like Burger, other students look forward to taking an interesting class that is new to them, “I like web design because the class teaches students how to use DreamWeaver and other animation programs,” said junior Brandon Lee.

Sheridan said, “I like that web design is a skill that most students will be able to use. There is a lot of variety in digital media: everything from web sites, to animations, to graphics. I like that we offer classes that mix creativity and the computer.”



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