You get what you pay for at Paul’s Diner


Colley Loum

The sausage burger, featured at Paul’s Diner.

Colley Loum, Staff Writer

If you are looking for a quick decent burger, Paul’s Diner is the place.

Paul’s Diner is a funky and old-fashioned restaurant with a quaint and homey environment and ambiance.

There are black and white pictures throughout the diner, and many customers sit at the counter, right in front of where the chefs make the customers’ food.

Despite having a different, unique environment, Paul’s Diner has reasonable prices. Though the price of its food is not insanely cheap, it is very affordable.

Ranging from around $7 to $10 for a burger is a good price compared to other burger joints in the area. Paul’s Diner is a great choice for a quick reasonable burger or sandwich, but they also have many other sorts of food.

The only downside to Paul’s Diner was the food. Though the food was decent, it was nothing special.

While eating at Paul’s Diner, I enjoyed the food and would eat there again, yet it is very unlikely that I will end up having a craving for Paul’s Diner.

The burger I had was fine but, I do not believe it will satisfy a craving for a large, juicy, greasy burger.

Though the food was not stellar, the customer definitely gets what he or she is paying for.

I would recommend Paul’s Diner to anyone who is interested in getting a cheap decent burger or any other sorts of food.

Paul’s Diner features breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which makes it open all day.

Paul’s Diner is also the sister diner to the Omelet House. The Omelet House features breakfast only and has much better better breakfast the Paul’s Diner.

Paul’s Diner is located on El Camino in Belmont, opposite of Yummy Yogurt.