49ers clinch playoff berth

(Courtesy to www.leaguesafepost.com via creative commons)

(Courtesy to www.leaguesafepost.com via creative commons)

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The San Francisco 49ers started to run up the score during their Sunday night game versus the New England Patriots.

With 10:21 remaining in the third quarter, the Niners were up 31-3 and it seemed that the game was over.

Under the leadership of Tom Brady, the Patriots made an incredible comeback by scoring 28 unanswered points to tie the game with 6:43 left in the fourth quarter.

The Patriots had their hopes dashed when the Niners LaMichael James returned a kickoff for 62 yards. The following play, star wide receiver Michael Crabtree caught a 38-yeard catch and run touchdown that put the Niners up 38-31 with six minutes remaining.

The Niners then added another field goal by David Akers to extend their lead by ten points.

Tom Brady attempted to make a last minute touchdown run but was unsuccessful and instead the Patriots converted for a field goal to end the game with a score of 41-34.

Carlmont senior Bryan Ding commented on the Patriots comeback, “It was well orchestrated but just not good enough. They should have changed their game strategy earlier.”

Before the game, the Niners were considered underdogs facing off against the number one ranked offense but a solid defensive game that included two interceptions and four key turnovers stopped Tom Brady in his tracks.

Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick started his fifth game after replacing Alex Smith who suffered a concussion on Nov. 11.

Kaepernick didn’t disappoint as he combined for  216 yards and four touchdowns while improving his record as a starter to 4-1.

Overall, both teams were hurt by the rainy weather which resulted in many turnovers. Kaepernick had four of his own fumbles and the Patriots had a team total of four turnovers, two from Brady’s interceptions and two fumbles.

At the end of the day, the Niners had improved their record to 10-3-1 while earning their second playoff berth in a row. The Patriots dropped down to 10-4 and the third seen in the AFC playoffs behind the Texans and Broncos.

The Niners will go on the road next week as they battle the Seattle Seahawks in a game that will determine the NFC West Champions.

(Courtesy to www.leaguesafepost.com via Creative Commons)





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