A CCS honor


Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

Two sophomores had the honor of being brought up to play with the Girls Varsity Volleyball team as they entered Central Coast Section (CCS) playoffs.

Every year a couple individuals that were seen to stand out and provide a strong impact on the JV team have the honor of playing with varsity during the CCS playoffs.

Sophomores Natalie Station and Sarah Adams were welcomed to continue on playing with the varsity  team after their season on JV came to a conclusion.

Varsity Coach Chris Crader said “Both Natalie and Sarah were moving to new positions this year on Frosh-Soph, and I thought that they both improved very quickly in those new roles, and they were always go-to players for the Frosh-Soph in close matches.”

Both Adams and Stainton participated in their second year of play on the JV team this season. As not only starters, but underclassmen they played key roles in leading their team to finish second place in league.

It is a great honor to be able to play up with the varsity team during CCS and both the Varsity and JV coaches found them very deserving of the honor.

JV Coach Taylor Chung spoke highly of Adams when he said, “The reality is Sarah is an example of what we want the future of Carlmont Varsity volleyball to be like.”

Coach Crader spoke of his reasons for bringing both players up when he said, “I wanted to reward them for being clutch players, and also give them a few more practices so they could keep learning those new positions before heading into the off-season.”

Stainton and Adams expressed much appreciation for the opportunity they were given to play with the varsity team.

Adams said “I felt honored to be called up because I know how good our varsity team is and it was a really great opportunity. Playing with older and more talented teammates is always really helpful and shapes you to become a better player.”

Stainton spoke in agreement with Adams when she said, “I was so honored and thankful that the coach and players gave me a chance to practice and play with them. I took a lot of lessons on how to truly be a team and be supportive of each other.”

For one to be able to play up during CCS is the perfect opportunity to get to know their future teammates and bond with the team.

The Carlmont volleyball community is a family and especially going into such a high pressure situation like the CCS playoffs each individual makes a difference when seeking support from one and other.

In the past, the girls that have had the opportunity to be brought up to varsity during the CCS playoffs have a high impact on the varsity team in the future.

This leaves the question: what will Stainton and Adams do next?