A mock meet motivates the track team


Sophomore Sasha Dolgashev runs toward the finish line during her event in the mock meet.

Jiselle Vigil, Staff Writer

The Carlmont track and field team practiced for the season with their first mock meet today on March 17. This meet was intended to prepare the athletes for an actual meet by allowing them to experience what their events will actually be like and the order they would be in.

“We all looked good today out there in this mock meet.  This meet was meant for us to experience what an actual meet feels like. I was impressed by the freshmen and with my own performance since we are new to the track team. It was good that we got the hang of it and did everything that our coach told us to do,” said sophomore Jason Lloyd.

The mock meet was not only supposed to give the athletes the feel of an actual meet. It was also intended to help the runners get a motivation boost by feeling the competition in racing one another.

“We all looked faster out there then usual. Running against each other made all of us runners run faster than usual, because we all want to come in first. Doing this mock meet was helpful not only to feel what a real meet is like but to also feel the competitiveness when you are running,” said sophomore John Tan.

The track team used this mock meet to get the athletes ready for their first home meet against Capuchino High School, which will be held March 24 at Carlmont at 3:30 p.m.. The team is  hoping to defeat Capuchino High and the five meets after Capuchino in order to reach a higher bracket in their division.

“We are so hoping that we can reach this goal as a team to get into a higher bracket. I think if we feel that intensity we felt in the mock meet against each other, we can actually achieve our goal,” said sophomore Devon Sagon.