A teenager of many talents


Pittock before getting on stage.

Jocelyn Moran, Social Media Team

With AP classes and extracurriculars, it’s difficult for a teenager to maintain a high GPA, and wake up each morning with lots of energy.

Junior Lauren Pittock is able to maintain a 4.4 GPA even with extracurriculars that include horseback riding, dance, musicals, and being a member of the improv team.

Pittock before getting on stage.
Pittock before getting on stage.

“I use a lot of post-it notes. That’s my main organizational tool. I have this space on my desk, and I just fill it with post-it notes,” said Pittock.

In between all of these activities and the workload of her classes, Pittock is still able to get enough sleep every night. “I get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. I’m pretty proud of that,” said Pittock.

Not only is Pittock a dedicated student, but also a genuine person. “Lauren is such a nice person. She’s such a hard worker and a great student. She’s very talented, and a really good friend,” said junior Claudia Mayoss.

Junior Gigi Vlahos said, “She brings out the best in people. She lifts everyone’s spirit, and is a good person to be around. She finds the good in everything.”

Lauren started acting and dancing at the age of 10, and currently is part of Carlmont’s advanced dance team.

“There’s just something about being on stage. It’s a great feeling,” said Pittock.

Pittock played Dolly Tate in Carlmont’s spring musical Annie Get Your Gun.

Sophomore Davis Schmitt said, “Lauren is an amazing actress. She always takes things one step forward, and just goes over the top. Everyone gets really excited to see what she’s gonna do next.”

Pittock still faces challenges even with her success. “I get sick a lot. Like way more than I should. I have a really weak immune system, and I have low iron,” said Pittock.

Other productions that Pittock has participated in include Little Shop of Horrors, Guys and Dolls, and The Music Man.

In the future, Pittock hopes to attend college in the east coast, and study engineering. “I really like engineering, and I want to study that. I mean, that’s my plan now, but it’s probably gonna change,” said Pittock.

Even with the many options Pittock has because of her talents, she prefers to focus on the present, and not think too far ahead. Pittock said, “Hopefully, in ten years I’ll be doing something that I like and really enjoy.”