Anti-American Rally Planned in Iran

Anti-American Mural in Iran

Anti-American Mural in Iran

Shayan Mandegarian, Staff Writer

On the 34th anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, the newly formed ‘Death to the U.S. Committee’ of Iran has planned one of the largest anti-American rallies in recent history, titled ‘Grand Day of Death to America.’

The main reasons for the planning of this rally include encouraging revolutionary hard-liners to continue supporting their cause, and convincing more people to join them in their anti-Americanism. In fact, money prizes will be given out to those who produce the best anti-American media, such as songs, pictures, posters, and more.

Many students know about the disdain that some people in different countries have toward the Western world, including America, with some adding that it goes a bit further.

As Devon Mantoani said, “I think that the negativity being shown goes both ways, since some people here in America actually return the hatefulness that others are expressing for us, so I’m not surprised about this rally happening.”

Similarly, sophomore Bobby Goldie said, “In America we believe in freedom of speech, so I think that they are entitled to think and say whatever they want about us.”

This event has had a slightly different impact on Iranian-Americans, like sophomore Melika Nejad, who said, “I know that things like this happen a lot, but it disappoints me very much.”

Her sister, sophomore Melody Nejad, also said, “It makes me a little ashamed of where I’m from and I really hope that things will change one day.”

Of course, no country is a collective mind. In fact, a poll taken in Iran recently showed that a vast majority of people would like to have a better relationship with the U.S., but unfortunately for them, the people who disagree with them have made their opinion louder and will now use a grim day in history to demonstrate their ongoing hatred.

While the majority of Americans and Iranians will hope for better days, it seems those times won’t be coming very soon, especially not on the 34th anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

Anti-American Mural in Iran
Anti-American Mural in Iran
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