Anticipation surrounds Winter Formal


Winter Formal promotion signs can be found all around the Carlmont High campus.

Kian Karamdashti, ScotCenter Sports

For many students, the month of January represents the end of winter break. The days of sleeping-in and staying up late , departing, to be replaced by the long nights spent doing hours of homework. However, there is one bright spot to this gloomy return: Carlmont’s Winter Formal.

Last year’s Winter Formal was met with an overall positive review, as many students, such as sophomore Malcolm McClellan, felt the dance was “a fun experience.”

McClellan said, “I had a good time at last year’s formal. The music and venue made it a really good time.”

Just like last year, Redwood City’s Fox Theater will host Carlmont’s annual winter dance. The theater reopened just a little more than three years ago and is located right in the middle of downtown Redwood City.

“Having formal at a place like this is awesome,” said freshman Paul Bastaki. “It’s gotten me even more excited for the dance.”

This year’s slogan for Winter Formal is “In the Deep Blue,” a reference to an ocean theme.

“It’s a cool idea,” said ASB member sophomore Jacob Segal. “We had a lot of success with last year’s theme (Up, Up, and Away), so we wanted to pick something that would make it even better.”

Not settling for an average night, ASB has been working hard to make sure this year’s Winter Formal will be the best one yet.

ASB teacher Jim Kelly said, “Decorations are going to be off the hook this year. This event has always been successful, so we’re just trying to build off our previous year’s success.”

Although there is a lot of excitement surrounding Winter Formal, not everyone is joining into the anticipation around it.

Sophomore Trentino Vitale said, “I didn’t go last year and I heard it wasn’t that exciting, so I decided not to go again this year. Plus, some of my friends aren’t going so it wouldn’t be as fun if I went.”

Others, however, are still excited for the night

Sophomore Lauren Mcdonnell said, “Last year I had a great time with my friends and date. I’m excited to experience that again this year.”